Beginner 1 & 2 Gymnastics

Beginner Level 1 Ages 5, 6, and 7


Beginner 1 is ideal for a child looking to try gymnastics for the first time, or a child who has had some preschool and Kinder gymnastics experience and is ready for the next step.  Beginner 1 focuses on introducing basic gymnastics skills in a fun, safe class setting. 



  • Age: 5 years and older 

  • Time: 55 minutes 


Work on skills like:

  • Bridges
  • Forward rolls
  • Introductory handstands (tick-tocks)
  • Cartwheels
  • Safely mounting and dismounting the balance beam
  • Basic balance beam walks
  • Vaulting: Hurdling on a springboard and the squat position
  • Build support strength on bars
  • Introduce the cast
  • Forward roll on the bar
  • Trampoline safety and basic gymnastic jumps


Beginner Level 2 Ages 7 and 8

For a child who understands and can perform the most basic concepts of gymnastics, Beginner 2 reinforces the basics while challenging new skills.


  • Age: 7 years and older 

  • Time: 55 minutes 


Work on skills like: 

  • Spotted back bends
  • Backward rolls
  • Handstands
  • Walks on balance beam become more complex
  • One-footed balancing skills such as scales and levers begin
  • Vaulting: Heel drive and dive roll introduced
  • Bars: Pullover and spotted back hip circle
  • Refine basic jumps on trampoline 
  • Challange combinations of basic jumps on trampoline


Monthly Billing:
 Tuition for each class is $20.  On the 1st of each month, you will be charged for all of the classes your child will take in that month.  Since tuition is calculated per class, your bill may show a different price each month due to the number of class days in that particular month.  There are no contracts or annual fees.

  • All classes AUTO-RENEW into the next month during the months of September-May

Make-Up Policy: Due to Covid, there willbe no make-ups


Ending Enrollments:
 If you decide to end your child's enrollment, please send an email to two weeks before the first of the month that you do not want to participate in.


  • Enrollments cannot be ended in the middle of a month
  • There are no refunds issued after bills have been processed