Intermediate 1 & 2 Gymnastics

Intermediate Level 1

With a firm knowledge of the basics taught at the Beginner levels, Intermediate 1 gymnasts will continue to hone and strengthen the gymnastics they already know. 

**In order to sign up for Intermediate 1 class or higher, children must have an evaluation of skills done, and be recommended by a teacher before enrolling.  Please call the front desk (720) 460 0267 to set up an evaluation.


  • Age: 8 years and older

  • Time: 60 minutes


Work on skills like:

  • Unassisted back bends
  • Backbends with spotted kick over
  • Round-offs
  • Balance Beam: Releve and pivot turn are introduced
  • Straight jump and feet-to-hands weight transfers (tick tocks) on beam are practiced
  • Vaulting: Develop strong heel drives, straight-hollow body positions, and practice handstand vaults
  • Bars: The pullover becomes unassisted and we work towards the back hip circle
  • Swinging on the high bar and re-gripping the bar is practiced
  • Trampoline is used for both umps and as a training tool for skills practiced around the gym


Intermediate Level 2

At this level, gymnasts have honed a repertoire of skills and are ready to progress to learning more complex gymnastics.


  • Age: 8 years and older 

  • Time: 90 minutes


Work on skills like: 

  • Handstand forward rolls, backbend kickovers, strong round-offs, back handspring drills will be worked on floor
  • Balance Beam: Continue working to develop a strong releve position, weight transfers (tick tocks) on the high beam, and cartwheels on the low beam
  • Vault: Practice going to a higher surface with handstands, and work bounders at the trampoline that will later progress to front handsprings at vaulting
  • Bars skills mastered are the pullover and back hip circle
  • Bars: Learn sole circle dismount and begin to emphasize the glide swing
  • Tap swings on the high bar become grander


Monthly Billing: Tuition for each class is $20 for Intermediate Level1 and $25 for Intermediate Level 2.   On the 1st of each month, you will be charged for all of the classes your child will take in that month.  Since tuition is calculated per class, your bill may show a different price each month due to the number of class days in that particular month.  There are no contracts. 


  • All classes AUTO-RENEW into the next month during the months of September - May


Make-Up Policy: Due to COVID, there are no make-ups.


Ending Enrollments:  If you decide to end your child's enrollment, please send an email to two weeks before the first of the month that you do not want to participate in. 


  • Enrollments cannot be ended in the middle of a month.
  • There are no refunds issued after bills have been processed.