Preschool Gymnastics

Smile big in our gymnastics preschool program designed for both boys and girls ranging from the ages of 18 months up to Kindergarten! Enjoy purposeful challenges and movement that will be sure to grow your child’s brain. Our new 2022-2023 School Year Session begins on August 17th. Below are our class options.

Basecamp Tots Ages 18 months-3 years (45-minutes): Scroll down to view the class schedule

This 45-minute parent-assisted class is the perfect starting place for your little ones to explore their newfound love for movement!  Your participation in class helps your child gain confidence, learn to listen, and develop independence all while learning the basic vocabulary and skills of gymnastics.  All variations of participation are accepted and normal! Our coaches will honor and nurture your child’s development and capabilities. 

Hilltop Toddlers Ages 3-4 (45-minutes): Scroll down to view the class schedule

Get ready to jump, balance, and roll in this quick-paced 45-minute preschool class. The class will introduce gymnastics skills and body positions promoting coordination, balance, strength, and more! In addition to being fun, your child will learn important social skills like making friends, listening, independence, courage, and more.

Treeline Tykes Ages 4-5 (45-minute class): Scroll down to view the class schedule

Gymnasts will participate in a structured quick-paced 45-minute class filled with non-stop movement!  In this gymnastics skill extravaganza, coaches will dive into more complex gymnastics shapes and vocabulary. In addition to non-stop smiling, your child will indulge in social skills like teamwork, problem-solving, following and taking direction, and commitment.

Summit Kinder’s Ages 5-6 (45-minute class): Scroll down to view the class schedule

Let’s celebrate our Kindergarteners!  Gymnasts will participate in a 45-minute, coach-led class designed to introduce harder, more independent skills.  Enjoy friendships, build strength, improve flexibility, and leap high in this stepping stone class towards our Beginner level 1 gymnastics class emphasizing bridges, forward rolls, introductory handstands (tick-tocks) and learning to cartwheel.

Our 2021-2022 School Year Session begins on August 17th!