Pricing and Billing

Registration Fees: A one time fee of $40 per child (max of $80/family) will be charged for enrolling in classes for our school year session. If enrolling after February 1st, the fee will drop to $30.

Monthly Billing:  On the 1st of each month, you will be charged for all of the classes your child will take in that month.  Since tuition is calculated per class, your bill may show a different price each month due to the number of class days in that particular month. Please find the breakdown in the chart below. There are no contracts or cancellation fees. 

Below is a breakdown of all our class times and prices.

Tween / Intermediate 1
Intermediate 2 Advanced
90 Min
2 Days/Week
$38.50/wk for 2 classes
$26.50/ Class
$43.50/wk for 2 classes
(twice a week)

Monthly Breakdown Prices:

& Tween & Int 1
Int 2Adv
3x/ Month$61.50$64.50$79.50$168
  • All classes AUTO-RENEW into the next month during the months of August – May. Any student wishing to end their enrollment before May must email 2 weeks prior to the start of the next month.

Make Up Policy: We do not offer make ups for missed classes. Please know that you are paying for your spot in the class, not just the days you attend. Because our classes are full with wait lists, we do not have space within classes to accommodate make-ups in a different class. If the gym closes for a snow day or other weather-related reason, a make up class will be scheduled.

Ending Enrollments:  If you decide to end your child’s enrollment, please send an email to two weeks before the first of the month that you do not want to participate in.

  • Enrollments cannot be ended in the middle of a month.
  • There are no refunds issued after bills have been processed.