Recreational Gymnastics

Our Recreational Gymnastics program is designed to safely progress students through fundamental gymnastics skills.  We offer seven levels of gymnastics classes to fit a range of ages and abilities. 

Beginner 1 (Ages 5-7) 55 minute class: Scroll down to view class schedule

Beginner 1 is ideal for a child looking to try gymnastics for the first time, or a child who has had some preschool and Kinder gymnastics experience and is ready for the next step.  Beginner 1 focuses on introducing basic gymnastics skills in a fun, safe class setting. 

  • Example Floor Skills:  bridge, forward roll, introductory handstands (tick-tocks), cartwheel to feet.  
  • Example Balance Beam Skills: safely mounting and dismounting, basic balance beam walks, basic balances.  
  • Example Vault Skills: hurdle on to spring board, squat, jump/stick landing. 
  • Example Bars Skills: front support, casts, belly roll forward  
  • Example Trampoline Skills: trampoline safety and basic gymnastics jumps

Beginner 2 (Ages 6-8) 55 minute class: scroll down to view class schedule

For a child who understands and can perform the most basic concepts of gymnastics, Beginner 2 reinforces the basics while challenging new skills. 

  • Example Floor Skills:  spotted back bends, backward rolls, handstands
  • Example Balance Beam Skills: complex walks, scales, levers, two-foot jumps
  • Example Vault Skills: heel drives (donkey kicks), dive roll 
  • Example Bars Skills: pullover, spotted back hip circle, birdie perch
  • Example Trampoline Skills: refined basic jumps, combination jumps

Beginner Tweens (Ages 9+) 55 minutes: scroll down to view class schedule

Beginner Tweens is a class designed for students ages 9 and up who want to learn the fundamentals of gymnastics!  We teach all of the basics in a fun and challenging 55-minute class.  

  • Example Floor Skills:  forward and backward rolls, tick tocks and handstands, strong cartwheels, bridges and back bends.
  • Example Balance Beam Skills: safe mounting/dismounting, basic walks and jumps, levers and scales.
  • Example Vault Skills: hurdle on to springboard, squats, heel drives (donkey kicks), dive rolls, handstands on to resi mat.
  • Example Bars Skills: pullover, casting, spotted back hip circle, birdie perch, three swings with re-grip on high bar.
  • Example Trampoline Skills: trampoline safety, basic gymnastics jumps, combination jumps, donkey kicks, round-offs

Intermediate 1 (60 minutes): Scroll down to view class schedule


With firm knowledge of the basics taught at the Beginner levels, Intermediate 1 gymnasts will continue to hone and strengthen the gymnastics they already know.  

  • Example Floor Skills:  unassisted back bends, back bends with spotted kick over, round-offs.
  • Example Balance Beam Skills: releve, pivot turns, straight jumps, tick-tocks.
  • Example Vault Skills: strong heel drive (donkey kicks), straight-hollow body positions, handstand vaults.
  • Example Bars Skills: unassisted pullover, back hip circle, three swings with re-grip on high bar, assisted jump from low bar to high bar.
  • Example Trampoline Skills: dynamic gymnastics jumps, tumbling skills.

Intermediate 2 (90 minutes):
scroll down to view class schedule


At this level, gymnasts have honed a repertoire of skills and are ready to progress to learning more complex gymnastics. 

  • Example Floor Skills:  handstand forward rolls, backbend kickovers, strong round-offs, drills for back handspring.
  • Example Balance Beam Skills: strong releves, front and side handstands, tick tocks on high beam, cartwheels on low beam, round-off dismounts.
  • Example Vault Skills: handstands to elevated surface with fall flat

Advanced 1 & Advanced 2 (110 minutes): scroll down to view school schedule


At this level gymnasts have refined, solid basics and a repertoire of more complex skills.  

  • Example Floor Skills:  handstand front limbers, front walkovers, front handsprings, back limbers, back walkovers, back handsprings.  
  • Example Balance Beam Skills: handstands, cartwheels, split leaps, side handstand with ¼ turn, front handspring dismounts.  
  • Example Vault Skills: front handspring to feet on resi, spotted front handspring over Table Trainer.
  • Example Bars Skills: strong glides, spotted glide kips, front hip circles, long hand pullovers, long hang kips, non-salto high bar dismounts.
  • Example Trampoline Skills: Back handspring without assistance.

Our New School Year Session Starts August 18th, 2021!